Russ Elliot was a guest speaker on the Inspired Nonprofit Leadership podcast, hosted by Mary Highland, Founder and President of Highland Consulting. The podcast features insights, tips, and encouragement for nonprofit leaders to unleash their full potential and be even more effective leaders.

Here’s what to expect during the episode:

  • Leaders may have a culture they want to implement but it’s the employees that define what it truly is.
  • Dealing with the disconnect around accountability among board members.
  • The value of knowing the employee experience around the nonprofit’s mission.
  • Identify and understand the behaviors that your culture and values entail. Is the leadership reflecting the same intentions?
  • No team is ever going to be perfect, but will your team be willing to accept their flaws and do the work towards positive change?
  • Knowing how to identify areas for improvement that a board may be unaware of.

Listen to the episode below. Also available to listen on on Apple Podcasts.

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